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Why it is a good idea to buy blob water toy for team building activity

A blob water toy is always a good way of having fun and entertainment with other people. These other people can be your best friend, or they can be entirely unknown to you and yet you will have great fun with them, and that is why it is a good idea to buy blob water toy for team building activity. When you use bulb toy as a team building activity, then it offers so many positive things that you may not get with any other activity in any condition.

Talking about the things that you can have if you buy blob water toy for team building activity, let me explain that to you. First of all, you will have more trust between your team members. They will have to jump together on the blob to push the person on other side of the blob into the water. In this jumping and fun, both sides of individuals will start trusting more on each other. Also, when more people jump together on the toy from a certain height, then it will increase their coordination, and that can help them a lot in their work.

Another good thing about this team building activity is that it requires physical and mental strength to play the game. Jumping from a particular height or going it to water with force requires a lot of emotional strength. Initially, people may not have that strength, but soon they get it, and that mental strength helps them in every situation. Also, going up and down for participating in this game need physical efforts as well that burn their calories, and you can consider that as a good exercise. Needless to say, if employees are in good shape and feel healthier, then it will always be a good thing for any organization in every way.

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Water Blobs For Leisure Time

Water blobbing is a leisure activity that is now gaining popularity in the northern regions. It is a blob water toy whereby you have a person sitting in one end of a partially inflated water airbag. As soon as a person jumps from the opposite end to the other corner of the air bag,then the water blob starts floating in the water. This is of utmost fun among the teenagers and will be of great use for water games in the summer seasons.They are available in a variety of sizes,typical one being 10 meters wide.They are made of high quality polymers and do shrink in the presence of salt in the water.You get to choose the color which can vary from bright to dark ones. They are pretty safe to work with. Also,they are capable of holding a vast quantity of water that prevents them from sinking in the water. Life jackets are highly recommended while making use of them.

How are they used?These usually come in two layers. The innermost layer is made up of a hard rubber core.It is further covered by an outer layer of polymer to give it an inflated touch. Such a presence of double layer make them highly durable and reliable. The quality of such water blobs are determined by the standard of PVCs used in them. Also,many of them come up with warranties. Initially,one(the jumper) must jump to the Waterblob and crawl towards one of the end.Once done,the flyer extends his arm in his front,goes at a kneeling position and jumps to the other end once he is commanded to do so. This will start the blob to float in water. It is highly recommended to maintain it properly as the repair costs can be pretty high. The are available in a range of $1000 – $1600 depending upon their size,color and durability.A one time investment for a life long fun with your friends!

How to Care Blob Water Toy to Extend Its Life

Blob water toys can provide hours and hours of entertainment but because of their nature, they tend to be somewhat sensitive and require a little tender, loving care to keep them in good shape. Here are a few ideas on how to care blob water toy to extend its life and keep you having fun for years and years.

Don’t Tow When Weighted Down

A blob water toy can be towed in the water but only to reach the point where you want to position it. Don’t tow it while there’s someone on there and don’t exceed 5 miles per hour.

If it’s too heavy, you run the risk of tearing and causing a leak. Likewise, exceeding the maximum recommended speed can affect its structure and weaken it.

Make Sure the Water Is Deep Enough

It’s usually recommended that you use a blob water toy in at least 8 feet of water. If you try to use it in shallower waters, not only do you run the risk of an accident occurring when someone jumps – they could hit the bottom – but it also increases the chance of the blob water toy being punctured by something in the water.

Don’t Use in Swimming Pools

Most manufacturers recommend not using blob water toys in swimming pools. There are a number of reasons for this, including increasing the risk of accidents occurring. However, constant exposure to the chlorine used in pools doesn’t do the toy any favors either. Over time, the material can become brittle, thereby shortening the life span of your blob water toy.

These are just a few tips on how to care blob water toy to extend its life. Also make sure to check the manufacturer’s advice and follow the rules to make sure you’ll have fun for a long time and to minimize the risk of accidents occurring.

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