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Blob Water Toy Jumping Bag Inflatable Aqua Trampoline

blob water toy
blob water toy

Blob Water Toy Jumping Bag Inflatable Aqua Trampoline


Product Description


Information  about Blob Water Toy

Material:  0.6mm PVC

Size: 24’*6’*3′,  30’*9’*9′,  36’*9’*9′

Delivery:By DHL or FedEx or Ups

OEM: Available(add color, number, logo and etc)

Payment terms: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer

MOQ: 1pcs

Is the pump (air blower)included?

A:Yes included.

How long is the delivery time?

A:You will receive your goods within 2 weeks after payment.

What guarantees are there?

A:3 years Quality guarantee to avoid your after-saleservice risk and free repair kit.

Is it possible to print anything on the air track?

A:You can press numbers and your own logo for free.

What countries do you ship your products to ?

A:The whole world.



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