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What You Need to Know about the Blob Water Toy

  • November 22, 2016 /
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The Blob Water Toy is the world-famous two-ply inflatable waterfront toy designed to give you ultimate pleasure as well as a great water experience. It is the only toy in its category and class that has guaranteed safety. The developers of the toy have also produced some of the most trusted products such as Nitro Circus, Wipe out and Heavy weights hence you can trust that the product is reliable .

All about Blob Water Toy

· The toy is made with high quality material that maximizes durability and resilience. No cheap PVC products are included in the manufacture of the toy.

· The toy features two layers including a sturdy rubber core which is enhanced with a durable vinyl covering. You have to be aware that imitations are made with a one balloon of low quality PVC which is exposes you to risk of rupture and injury.

· The toy is extremely easy to use. You just need to drop the platform onto blob water. Upon landing, crawl to the end of the Blob Water and proceed to assume kneels position with arms extended and jump bottom first onto the Blob Water.

· You can get the toy in a variety of colors to match your camp.

· The toy comes with a one year warranty.

· The average life expectancy of the toy is 5-7 years.

· The toy requires little to no maintenance all you have to do is wash it and dry it at least one every year and apply a vinyl protectant or moisturizer. You should store it in a rodent-proof box.

· In case of accidents, Blob Water is repairable and if it starts leaking you can have it repaired for about $300.

Unlike all other water toys, Blob Water is easy to maintain yet safe and secure. Treat your family and friends to the ultimate water experience with Blob Water and have memorable experiences with the toy.


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